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  • A Christmas ornament with the words "Happy holidays
    Sally Norton
    So, the holidays are just around the corner. We’re nearing the final preparations for the period defined by heartwarming family gatherings and sharing the love we’ve gathered throughout the year with our friends and relatives. Of course, most of these little activities require some hard work. Let’s say your kids
  • A broom and a dustpan.
    Sally Norton
    Just because you will not be living in your home soon, it does not mean that you should neglect its cleanliness! Even if you spend thousands of dollars on renovations and upgrades, cleanliness can still make or break the sale of your home. Moreover, whether your home is clean (or
  • A fresh arrival preparing for hiring cleaning services when you are living abroad
    Sally Norton
    Hiring cleaning services when you are living abroad If you have just moved abroad, there are still plenty of things you are probably unsure how to approach. The habits of the people and the expectations they have might not align with those you are used to. So, even hiring a
  • Nice home interior prepared by using a move-in cleaning checklist.
    Sally Norton
    The excitement and joy are undeniable for every fresh homeowner when moving to a new place. It’s an opportunity to start anew and organize everything better this time. But, in many cases, the same home had previous owners, and someone probably lived there already. Before bringing all the possessions and
  • Two hands in blue rubber gloves cleaning with a tissue.
    Sally Norton
    The process of moving into your new house can be quite a mess. It’s not so hard to imagine that after the whole ordeal is over, you’ll be too tired to clean the place. You’ll somehow need to avoid doing it yourself. That doesn’t mean you should selfishly let other
  • A woman getting ready to air out her mattress
    Sally Norton
    Every season carries some challenges and unique quirks. The weather, temperature, and lifestyle all change. So, it can be hard to keep in mind everything that needs to be cleaned and done every season. Not to mention the need to prioritize certain things at specific points in the year! If
  • Two girls cleaning up
    Sally Norton
    After a whole day of playing, cleaning up is probably at the bottom of your child’s to-do list. However, if you do not want to spend the next day tripping over all the toys, Legos, crayons, and who knows what else, your little one will need to learn the basics
  • A man loading a washing machine while a pregnant woman stands close.
    Sally Norton
    We all want our homes to be clean and tidy. However, achieving this goal may often seem like a daunting task. It is especially challenging when you have to balance so many things – your work, kids, and house chores. Not to mention seeing friends or pursuing hobbies you love.
  • A white kitchen with appliances
    Sally Norton
    Having your home clean and tidy is vital for ensuring your and your family’s good health. The condition of your living space has a direct impact on the quality of your life. Hence, keeping your abode fresh and germ-free is the very foundation of contentedness. It is relatively easy to
  • cleaning home sign that symbolizes cleaning and sanitizing during a move
    Sally Norton
    As much as we would like to make it otherwise, relocations are usually not very sterile occasions. There are always several hands at work, too many different materials involved, and dust that keeps appearing from nowhere, no matter how much you clean. Still, it is essential to stick to at
  • a house full of clutter
    Sally Norton
    Each of us has at least one hoarder in our lives. Depending on the severity of the condition, life with a hoarder can still be fun; cleaning after them certainly isn’t. However, whether it is your immediate family member, your friend, or neighbor, at some point, you will get the
  • Sally Norton
    Cleaning around the house is nobody’s dream job. Most of us clean only those visible and easily reachable places just so we can say that we are done with it. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, no! This saying does not apply to cleaning because we clean, primarily,
  • A girl in white holding a feather duster.
    Sally Norton
    Yet another winter is coming to an end. Chilly weather is on its last legs, soon to give way to the most coveted time of the year. Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means. That’s right – it’s time to break out those brooms and
  • a cleaning service cleaning a white refrigerator
    Sally Norton
    It is common practice to leave the property perfectly clean after you move out. This is because the tenants who are looking to move in after you have all the right to complain if they find that hygienic standards have not been met. For this reason, we will discuss all
  • A man and a woman doing a high-five because of the successful move.
    Sally Norton
    Moving during the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t the same as it was just a year ago. Now, there are many more things you need to pay attention to. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours showering your household belongings with alcohol to stay safe. It takes much less time and effort
  • A planner you can use for creating a cleaning schedule.
    Sally Norton
    Having to clean your home doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. That’s mostly because it isn’t. Sadly, it needs to be done. So, why not try to make it easy, at least? Here’s a quick and hopefully painless guide to creating a cleaning schedule that’ll get you right back
  • A hand holding a cleaning product
    Sally Norton
    Moving to a new place can be exciting – you are starting a new chapter of your life after all. But, if we are being sincere, no matter what the reason for moving may be, the moving process itself is rarely enjoyable. You have to find a new home, sell
  • A woman airing sheets
    Sally Norton
    When you walk into your home, it is usually easy to see what needs cleaning. Sometimes, those are the piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, sometimes all the crumbs on the carpets, and sometimes piles of dirty laundry in your bathroom waiting for you to do them. However,
  • Baseball gear on the ground, symbolizing cleaning and storing sports gear, and tips to help your equipment last longer
    Sally Norton
    The summer is behind us, and the cold days are getting closer and closer at a fast pace. Every parents’ nightmare is having to clean up after their kids come running in the house after an exciting day outside. A few games of basketball at the courtyard behind the school,
  • Building with a nice looking roof.
    Sally Norton
    A man’s home is his castle. It is also a huge investment, so it’s important to keep a high level of maintenance. Regular maintenance helps with durability and the general sustainability of your house. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that if you built your house out of quality materials, you
  • A young worker with equipment that you can hire for cleaning and maintaining your storage unit.
    Sally Norton
    Storage units can be a great solution when we need additional space to place our extra belongings. Whether it’s home furniture, business inventory, or just seasonal sports equipment, storage options serve their purpose. But, we often make a big mistake of neglecting them. Just like any other place, they require
  • A closed gym due to the pandemic, the reason why cleaning your home gym is important.
    Sally Norton
    We understand how much you love your home gym. It’s your private oasis, your own safe haven. And it’s really precious, that time of the day when you show up for your workout, an hour dedicated only to your body and mind. If there was anything that helped you stay
  • Wooden furniture in a rustic loft
    Sally Norton
    It goes without saying that wooden furniture is a staple – each home has at least one wooden piece. They are expensive, but if treated well, they can be timeless. So, how does one make wooden furniture pieces last? It is simple –  by cleaning them regularly or by hiring
  • A colorful brush and dustpan with flowers on top.
    Sally Norton
    With the arrival of warmer weather, you probably want to lie back, soak in the sun, and enjoy a spring breeze. Like a breath of fresh air, it makes you feel awake and alive. To relax properly, though, you need to be in a comforting place, a clean space, free
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