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Cleaning tips for home sellers

Just because you will not be living in your home soon, it does not mean that you should neglect its cleanliness! Even if you spend thousands of dollars on renovations and upgrades, cleanliness can still make or break the sale of your home. Moreover, whether your home is clean (or not) can also increase (decrease) its value anywhere from 5% to 10%. Thus, do yourself and your home a favor and clean it thoroughly before putting it on the market and welcoming all those potential buyers. Do not worry; deep cleaning your home does not have to be time and energy-consuming as long as you organize your cleaning tasks properly. We can also help you out with that! Thus, if you are interested, here are some cleaning tips for home sellers.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Hiring professional cleaners is not a luxury! It is a necessity, especially in situations like this one – when you have to ensure your home is thoroughly clean and disinfected. If you do not have the time or the energy to clean your home, or if you do not know where and when to start with this big cleaning project – that is a reason good enough to hire professional cleaners. However, before you do that, make sure to find not only professional but also reliable cleaners. That is, make sure to find cleaners who can thoroughly clean your home and disinfect it from top to bottom and do that in no time. They are the only ones who can ensure your home is ready for all those open houses, potential buyers, and for your moving out with ease.

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Get Rid of Clutter

Whether you plan to clean your home all by yourself or leave everything to professional cleaners, one thing remains the same – decluttering is your job. So, take a weekend off and organize your house. Get rid of any items that are damaged, broken, or without a purpose. Sell, donate, or give to your friends or family members everything that has remained. Unfortunately, even when you do all of this, you will still have a ton of your possessions. If you cannot put your items away in your wardrobes, closets, cabinets, etc., we suggest putting them in a storage unit. Research a good preparation process for that

because placing your belonging in storage will necessitate some packing, cleaning, transporting, and organizing.

Having a completely clutter-free home will not only help you clean in a more effortless manner, but it will also help you stage your home and possibly increase its value. A cluttered home looks smaller and not taken care of – something no buyer wants.

Mold Be Gone!

When people think about cleaning their home before selling, they think about vacuuming and dusting, thus making the home more presentable. Of course, that should be done too. But, most buyers pay attention to the cleanliness of smaller things, such as grout in the kitchen and bathroom. Even if your bathroom is sparkling clean but has mold on the grout parts, buyers will be horrified and maybe even run away from your home.

If you too have mold on kitchen and bathroom tiles, you probably have it because you think that it is one of those toughest spots to clean around the house, right? Do not worry; it is far from that – all you need to do to clean grout is mix bleach with water (half and half) and spray it on the grout. After several hours, the grout and the tiles will look like new!

Tiles, representing cleaning tips for home sellers.

Eliminate the Odors

If you want to sell your home fast and for the best possible price, not only will you have to make your home look good, but you will also have to make it smell good! Thus, eliminate all possible odors and make your home smell as fresh as possible. Start by opening all the windows and doors. Then, spray baking soda on every piece of furniture you have in your home (including carpets) and let it sit for 24h. Finally, vacuum everything and spray a mixture of lemon and water everywhere. Of course, feel free to spray perfume on curtains and light some candles as well.

We understand that deep cleaning and eliminating odors is not easy or quick. This is especially complex and stressful if you have kids with whom you have to move out too. Cleaning plus moving with your little ones is pretty much a mission impossible. So, if you do not have the time and energy to do this, hire cleaners for some help. What you clean in a week, they will clean in two days. By doing that, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed when moving, and you can welcome new buyers in peace.

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Clean Even What You Think is Unnecessary

Just as previously mentioned, preparing your home for sale means vacuuming and dusting it thoroughly. It also means getting rid of clutter, mold, and odors. But, let us give you just one more cleaning tip – clean things and places you do not think are important. Buyers are nosy – and nobody can blame them. After all, they want to see every part of a home before deciding whether to buy it. Thus, trust us, if you have some dirty places around your home, they will find them.

So, this is the last one of the cleaning tips for home sellers – be sure to clean even what you think is unnecessary – the inside of your cabinets, closets, and wardrobes; under stairs, tables, chairs, and beds; pantries, basements, attics, etc. The more you clean, the better! And finally, do not forget to do a final sweep just before the open house event starts – you already know how fast furniture and floors can collect dust.

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