The ultimate checklist to ensure you get your bond back
End of lease cleaning: The ultimate checklist to ensure you get your bond back

You’ve carefully packed up all your belongings and handled all the paperwork – but there’s one last thing that needs to be taken care of before you move to a new house – an end of lease clean to make sure you get your bond back.

If scrubbing skirting boards and steam cleaning carpets isn’t your idea of a good time, you might want to consider hiring a professional end of lease cleaner, like Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services. They offer end of lease cleaning services to make sure your bond is returned to you, without any the hassle. However, if you’re confident that you can tackle your end of lease clean yourself (or perhaps with a trusted army of friends and family), we have the ultimate checklist for you to ensure your bond is back in your bank account before you know it.

Don’t underestimate how long it will take

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to get everything done the afternoon before you’re due to drop the keys off to the real estate agent. Make sure you realistically calculate how long it’s going to take you to get your house into shape.

There are many factors that will influence this; the size of your house, its general cleanliness, how many bathrooms you have and, perhaps most importantly, how many people you have helping you. As a guide, the experts at Hervey Bay &Maryborough Cleaning Services recommend allowing between 16 and 20 hours with three people cleaning four-bedroom, two-bathroom house. A small unit on the other hand, can probably be done in five to ten hours.

Don’t forget to factor in the situation you’re starting with. If you’re one of those people that has avoided cleaning the oven for the last two years or perhaps has never really given the grout in the shower a decent scrub… no judgement… but take that into account when budgeting your time.

Choose your cleaning products wisely

Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services recommend buying cleaning products from your local commercial cleaning supplier, as this way you know you’re getting a quality product that is up to the task. They use Torquay Supply, but a quick Google Search should help you find an equivalent in your area, that is happy to sell to the general public.

How to get started

Sometimes just knowing where to begin is the most daunting part of doing a thorough end of lease clean. And there are definitely a few areas of the house that you should turn your attention to first to set yourself up for success.

Always start with the oven. If possible, it’s a good idea to spray the oven the night before, to allow some of the residual grime to be broken down by the cleaning product. You may also want to remove the oven trays and racks to soak overnight in the kitchen sink.

If you have a back or front yard, you’re best to mow and whipper-snip the lawns before you get stuck in to cleaning inside the house. Aside from avoiding tracking grass and dirt across any freshly cleaned floors, the dust that is blown up from gardening will dirty the outside of your windows.

Bathroom blitz

Like with your oven, it’s a good idea to spray your bathroom tile areas with bleach or exit-mould in advance. A few hours before you clean should do the trick, just make sure you give special attention to the grout between the tiles.

Don’t forget to ensure the mirrors and shower glass are all streak-free – and take special care to polish any metal towel rails, toilet roll holders and taps.

A word on windows

Always begin by cleaning the outside of the windows and any fly screens, before tackling the inside. The team at Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services suggest cleaning the window tracks before you get started on the glass panes.

The final step 

Once you’ve cleaned all the different rooms, it’s best to arrange to have your carpets steam cleaned by a professional or hire a steam cleaning machine to do the job yourself from a local hardware store or hirer. The reason you want to save this until the end of your clean is to avoid dirtying your carpets when you’re cleaning the walls or other surfaces in the house.

Some general tips

  • Keep all your cleaning products and tools for the task at hand in a bucket so you can easily carry them from room to room with you.
  • Begin with jobs that may create more mess, such as dusting or sweeping, before moving on to “wet” tasks like mopping or sponging.
  • Stick to a clear system. For example, you might want to do one room at a time and go from left to right,so you don’t lose track of where you’re up to. Don’t forget to double check the room before you finish up.
  • Invest in Magic Eraser Wipes and sugar soap for spot cleaning marks or streaks on your walls.
  • Don’t forget to clean the spaces behind where your largeappliances like fridges or washing machines have been sitting. If these items are staying in the house, make sure you pull them out and clean underneath and behind them before before putting them back.

Download your free Cleaner’s Checklist to assist you with your end of lease clean, or get in touch with Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services today and let the professionals do the hard work for you.

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