First impressions & importance of cleaning
First Impressions And The Importance Of Cleaning

As a business first impressions are absolutely vital when it comes to showing off your company in a good light. Clients will always judge a business on first impressions. Whether it’s a reception or boardroom, a clean and presentable working environment will reflect on your company and give off an air of prestige if done correctly.

First impressions can become a psychological barrier for your clients. Whether you like it or not, everyone is judged at the first meeting. This judgement can last a lifetime and is hard to shake off if it was not a totally pleasant one. This applies to all walks of life like meeting a person for the very first time or inviting a family member into your home. Those first impressions count and the same applies to your business. Especially if you are a cleaning business, then it’s even more important that your company premises are sparkling cleaning at the first meeting.

Many recent consumer and business surveys have shown that the most important factor is cleanliness when it comes to a buildings appearance and its effect on first impressions. There are many ways to solve this issue if the cleanliness of your building is letting you down. One of the solutions is to find a company that specialises in body corporate cleaning for your lobbies or common areas.

If your company space is not hygienically clean it can be seen as a reflection on the type of work you offer. If your building is dirty, dusty or looking shoddy it reflects on your company as a whole and perceptions are everything in the business world.

We have put together a few pointers for areas that need to be kept as clean as possible to help with first impressions –

  • Entrance Way:

Remember when we said the first thing a client sees, leaves a lasting impression? Well, your company entrance is the first thing your customer sees and it’s the most important area to keep spotlessly clean.

Outside the entrance, make sure the pavement is free of chewing gum, litter and general grime. Glass windows need to be kept clean and sparkling along with the sills and frames. Door handles need to be polished and walls kept free from graffiti or vandalism.

Inside the entrance, carpets or vinyl flooring need to be spotless and walls free from finger or hand marks!

  • The Main Waiting Area:

As an area that most clients spend their precious time, it is vital that receptions or waiting areas are kept in tip-top condition and cleanliness is key to this. The reception desk needs to be kept polished, computers dust free and seating areas fresh and vibrantly clean.

If you serve clients drinks in the waiting area then make sure cups or glasses are hygienically clean and coffee tables must be free of sticky residue from drink spillages.

  • Washrooms:

If you are a retail company and especially a food retail business then the toilet cleanliness is vitally important. Surveys have shown that a restroom being clean is top of the criteria they look for in a food establishment and companies that don’t have clean washrooms are not trusted with regards to the services they provide.

Make sure they there are no clogged toilets or urinals and also that there is no toilet paper on the floor. Empty paper machines regularly and check that hand dryer are still functional.

Check for empty soap dispensers and finally keep on top of the general cleanliness by washing down tiled walls, polishing mirrors, wiping down sinks and mopping floor surfaces.

The best solution to keeping on top of your bathroom cleaning chores is to organize regular hourly cleaning inspections.

Go by these rules and you won’t go far wrong and remember… First Impressions Count!

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