A planner you can use for creating a cleaning schedule.
Guide to Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Having to clean your home doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. That’s mostly because it isn’t. Sadly, it needs to be done. So, why not try to make it easy, at least? Here’s a quick and hopefully painless guide to creating a cleaning schedule that’ll get you right back on your couch just in time to enjoy the holidays with your family.

Planning a cleaning schedule is a process as well

Although most consider planning a quick and one-sided process, there’s a bit more to it. If you want to create a cleaning schedule, you cannot just make a simple list and get it over with. Therefore, here’s a step-by-step guide that should help move the process along:

  • Do your research
    Although cleaning your home is something you’ve done many times, you wouldn’t believe how many seemingly little tips and tricks are out there that can make all the difference. Taking the time to go through some of them and writing down what you think is worth trying out is a great place to start.
  • Then make a rough draft of all that you want to achieve. 
  • Create a shopping list
    One of the more important aspects of creating a cleaning plan is having everything that you’ll need. Assuming that you already own all the rugs and buckets you’ll need, all that’s left to do is purchase the chemicals. A good piece of advice is going to a store that’s a bit more focused on cleaning supplies. Chances are you’ll find better quality items.
  • Organize your time accordingly
    Carrying out the cleaning schedule you’ve created takes time. Make sure actually to leave enough of it. Also, this includes getting anyone who won’t be of help out of the house.

Hire help

Although you can technically pull off planning the cleaning and following through with it yourself, it’s somewhat challenging. So getting some help from a company experienced in cleaning homes is a step in the right direction. If you want to DIY some parts and leave others to your cleaners, that’s a good compromise. Hiring a professional cleaning company means getting an experienced crew with unmatched cleaning services catering to domestic and commercial needs. Make sure to tell them exactly what your plan is and ask for help with anything. You’d be surprised how easy creating a cleaning schedule is when the right people surround you.

Divide and conquer

When it comes to creating a detailed cleaning schedule, it’s all about taking baby steps and breaking the process apart. This won’t only help you get to your goal faster, but it’ll also make the whole process seem much more manageable.

Try to think of the most challenging task that you’ll need to do. Now take that one and write it down first. By eliminating what you consider tough or even impossible, you’ll gain confidence when it comes to everything that’s left.

No rushing!

To avoid hurrying, you need to be in control. However, don’t go overboard. Being in control is achieved by knowing what to expect. Creating a cleaning schedule can be overwhelming for a lot of people. That’s another reason why it would be best to start on time. It’ll seem much farther away, which will give you a sense of clarity and objectiveness when planning. Once the implementation begins, take it one step at a time, and you’ll be fine.

Meticulousness is essential

Although deep cleaning your house isn’t fun, it is necessary. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about it for a hot minute once you do this. Just make sure that you do a thorough and detailed job. This is one of the areas where even if you’ve chosen to DIY the whole process, you still need to consider hiring someone. No matter how skilled you might be when it comes to cleaning, deep cleaning requires the right equipment.

Rent a storage unit

One of the bigger mistakes people make when planning a cleaning schedule is not decluttering first. Before you get to cleaning, you need to make your home manageable. Renting out a storage unit is an excellent way to get rid of your belongings for the time being. Make sure that you pack everything that you won’t need and every potentially fragile thing. Once you’ve done this, move them to a storage unit or a container, depending on how many items you need to put away. Don’t forget that cleaning and maintaining your storage unit is also essential if you’re using it for more extended periods of time.

Once you begin to declutter your home, you might run into some items you don’t need. Instead of putting them into a storage unit, sell or donate them.

Cleaning schedule in emergencies

If you have the time, energy, willingness, and money, you can create a cleaning schedule by simply following this guide. However, sometimes, this won’t do. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, such as moving in a rush, you won’t have the time for most things, let alone cleaning thoroughly. Although the relocation process is challenging, there are still ways to keep your home clean. Make sure that you’re well-organized and cut yourself some slack. Nobody’s perfect.

Creating a maintenance schedule

Once you’ve finished cleaning, it’s not all over. Now, don’t get too scared. This means that you should keep doing a tame version of what you’ve just accomplished so as not to end up having to do this over again. Make sure to make a quick schedule for this as well. The key thing is, you need to stay disciplined.

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