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Guide to Decluttering and Cleaning Your Home Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is certainly a stressful and highly demanding task. Even if you hire genuine professionals for the job, there are still numerous things you need to take care of yourself before these experts come to conduct the move. Getting rid of unnecessary items and cleaning your current home before saying goodbye should be among the top priorities on your to-do list. In order to help you with this project, we offer you a comprehensive guide to decluttering and cleaning your home before moving abroad.

Declutter prior to cleaning

Unlike cleaning, decluttering requires your utmost attention and commitment. While there are companies that can provide you with professional cleaning services, no one but you can decide on what possessions are essential and what you can part with. Decluttering before moving abroad means that you will need fewer packing supplies, there will be fewer items to pack, and, most importantly, your moving expenses will be lower. So, here are some tips you might want to apply.

Start on time

Decluttering takes a lot of time. You will have to organize the items you want to keep and come up with the best solutions for those you do not need or want anymore. Although it seems like an easy thing to do, you will be surprised by how many difficult decisions it actually involves, especially when you start sorting out those belongings with great sentimental value. Thus, start decluttering at least two weeks before the moving date. Only this way will you have enough time to make decisions and reconsider them if necessary.

A calendar

Decluttering takes a lot of time, so make sure you start with it well in advance.

Have a plan

Make a decluttering plan to help you. Create a timetable and list specific errands for each of the days included. Ideally, you should go room by room, but some people also prefer to declutter according to various categories of items. Think about which of these approaches is more appropriate for you and stick to it.

Pack, donate, sell, or toss – decide now!

While exploring all your belongings, sort them into four groups. The first group should include all those items you want to keep and take to the new home with you. The second group should comprise of the possessions which are in good condition but have stopped being practical or necessary. These can be donated to a charity or given to some friends who do need them.

There will also be the possessions you can sell and even earn some money in these circumstances. Your options are ample. Think about organizing a yard or garage sale. Selling things online is also a good idea, as that is the medium people use the most. Finally, you should throw away the items which do not belong to any of these groups. Once you complete all these tasks, you will see an enormous difference in the number of items you need to pack for your move.

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Decluttering means being able to be more organized and also save some money on your move.

Pack and reconsider

When you eventually define the items you want to pack, donate, sell, and toss, start packing for the move because the time for leaving your home country and starting over at a new destination will come sooner than it seems. While protecting the items and packing them safely into moving boxes, reconsider your decisions once again. It may turn out that there are still some items you can part with. Remember that the fewer items you take with you, the more money in your budget for a new beginning.

Cleaning before moving out is a must

Cleaning your home before moving out is also a time-consuming and difficult process, and yet essential and inevitable. Do not leave it for the last minute because this will make a stress-free move impossible to organize. Here are a few tips on how to handle the cleaning of your home smoothly and completely problem-free before moving abroad.

You need a plan

Unless you hire cleaning professionals, you will need a detailed plan. Ideally, you should start the cleaning process after you dismantle and pack a great majority of your possessions. The best practice is to go room by room to make sure you leave the home spotless for the new occupants and be able to get your deposit back. Define the cleaning tasks per day to stay well-organized and have complete control over the process.

Gather the necessary cleaning supplies

Before you get down to work, get the necessary cleaning supplies. You will need some microfiber cloths, brushes, a cleaning mop and a bucket, a vacuum cleaner, various sprays for cleaning various surfaces, and a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Be careful with the chemicals you use and choose those that are the least harmful to your health and the environment.

Cleaning suplies

Make a detailed plan and prepare the necessary cleaning supplies to make your home spotless clean before you move out.

Go room by room

As we have already stated, going room by room is the best strategy. Pay attention to the hard-to-reach areas as well. Remove the dust and cobwebs from each and every corner of your home. Clean and carefully disinfect the areas that are used the most. Make sure you remove all those ugly stains and limescale from taps and faucets. Remember that you need to leave your home in perfect condition.

Clean the windows

Make your windows sparkle! In all that hustle and bustle due to the fast-approaching move, a lot of people forget about this. Do not be one of them! Cleaning windows is also important before you move out. If there is a need, conduct all the necessary repairs as well.

Clean the walls

If you have kids, or you are in love with details hanging on the walls of your living space, you will have to make an effort and to clean and repair all the walls around the house. Remove all those nails and hooks, fill the holes and cracks to make the walls smooth. Clean the walls with some mild cleaning agent, warm water and a mop. If it turns out that the stains are persistent and cannot be removed easily, consider repainting the walls.

Both the inside and outside matter

When cleaning your home before moving out, pay attention to the exterior as well. Make sure you clean the exterior of your home as thoroughly as the interior. Conduct the necessary repairs, mow the lawn, and remove any weeds and rubbish.

Final words

Decluttering and cleaning your home before moving abroad will certainly help you be productive, avoid any delays and wasted time, save some money on your move, and reduce your stress levels. Since both these tasks are very time-consuming, start with them on time and have a detailed plan. If you can afford it, hiring professional cleaners is always a smart decision. This will leave you more with more time to say goodbye to your loved ones and prepare for the journey ahead.

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