How to clean your windows like a professional
How to clean your windows like a professional

Whether you live in a small townhouse or a large family home, there’s no denying that window cleaning is an essential part of keeping your house looking good. It can be tempting to get in the professionals to do the job, which is a great idea if you’re time-poor or don’t have access to the right equipment to clean your windows properly.

Otherwise, if you’re sick of closing your blinds in embarrassment when the in-laws come around and want to give window cleaning a go yourself, here are Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services’ top tips for cleaning your windows like a professional.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job

No matter how much elbow grease you put into window cleaning, you’re never going to achieve the same results as a professional window cleaner unless you have the right equipment on hand.

Here is Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services’ definitive list for what tools and products you need before you begin cleaning:

  • Good-quality window squeegees of various sizes. Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services recommend Sorbo 12 inch and 18 inch squeegees; the larger one is perfect for sliding doors, while the smaller one does the job on standard size windows.
  • A range of window washers in various sizes – at least one small and one larger one.
  • Window scraper.
  • Window cleaning bucket – make sure it has a strong handle so you can carry it from room to room easily.
  • Deionising pure water system kit – this will transform ordinary tap water into pure water, which reduces the chance of getting streaks on your windows.
  • Pressure washer.
  • A soft cleaning brush.
  • Microfibres cloths.
  • Lint free cloth.
  • Magic sponge.
  • Professional grade interior window soap – Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services use Glass Gleam 4.

Steps for cleaning the windows

Once you have all your gear ready to go, you can start cleaning your windows. The following steps are a good guide for first time cleaners to keep in mind:

  • Check that all the windows are shut

It might sound obvious, but do a final check of your house to ensure all the windows are shut before you begin. That includes checking for any small cracks in the glass or broken seals. If you rent, Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services recommend taking photos of any existing damage as proof for the landlord and real estate agent before you begin cleaning.

  • Remove any window screens

If you have flywire screens on your windows or sliding doors that cannot be removed, make sure they are fixed securely. However, if possible, remove all screens to allow for better access to the window and to ensure you avoid damaging the screen.

  • Wash the screens

If any of your window screens cannot be removed, you should pressure wash them to flush out any dirt, dust or mud. Use a high-volume pressure cleaner on a low-pressure setting and make sure you avoid using a pencil jet nozzle as this will damage the screens.

If you have managed to removed your screens, you can gently clean these by scrubbing them with some soapy water and then rinsing them with your garden hose. Don’t use the pressure washer on the removable screens, as it may tear the screens away from the frame. The experts at Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services simply spray screens with their top-secret screen cleaner product called Screen Magic, before rinsing these clean with the garden hose and then wiping them down with a microfibre cloth.

  •  Wash the outside of the windows

Note: this is where you’ll want to use your deionising pure water system kit to purify your water before use.

Once your water is ready, pick the appropriate length waterfed pole to begin cleaning. Try and brush up and down the glass by stepping back and forth and using your whole body; if you stand still and simply brush using your arms, you’ll get tired quickly. Once you’ve brushed the glass, stand back slightly and give the window a good spray to wash off all the residual dirt. Make sure you work from top to bottom so the residue doesn’t run down over your freshly cleaned window.

One of the greatest benefits of using a waterfed pole is that you don’t need to climb a ladder to reach high windows, which makes it a much safer process. Simply select the right length pole for the job, or an extendable pole and you will be able to reach even multi-storey windows from the ground.

  • Clean the inside of the windows

Mix your interior window cleaning soap with hot water in your bucket, using the ratio suggested on the bottle. Make sure you have your various squeegees, window washer, magic sponge and scraper on hand. Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services’ soap of choice is Glass Gleam 4, because it’s non-toxic to your skin, stays wet for longer than average meaning you can take your time when you squeegee and leaves no residue.

First, take your window washer and dip it into your bucket – squeeze it out well to ensure it isn’t too wet before giving the window a thorough clean. Next, use the magic sponge to go over the glass, to pick up anything the washer missed. If you have stubborn mould or dirt you may need to use your scraper to loosen it. Then, use your squeegee to remove the cleaning solution. Swipe from left to right and wipe the squeegee dry with your microfibre cloth after each stroke.

Once all the water is removed with the squeegee, wipe the window with your lint-free cloth. This is particularly useful for tidying up the edges of the windows where the squeegee couldn’t reach and ensuring your window dries perfectly streak-free.

  • Double check your work and replace your screens

The hard part is over! Do a final check of all your windows to make sure they’re perfect – and if required, do some final spot cleaning. Once you’re happy, you can replace all your clean removable screens.

Sound like a lot of hard work? The experts at Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services can take care of all your window cleaning needs. Get in touch with them for a quote today.

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