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How to Remotely Hire a Cleaning Company for Your New Home

The process of moving into your new house can be quite a mess. It’s not so hard to imagine that after the whole ordeal is over, you’ll be too tired to clean the place. You’ll somehow need to avoid doing it yourself. That doesn’t mean you should selfishly let other members of your family do the job or something. The tasks should be equally split, if not avoided. So, you might be wondering what the best option is? If so, know that hiring a cleaning company to handle the task will save you some precious time and nerves. At least that’s what people who relocate a lot are saying, although you probably don’t need any experience to figure out hiring pros is the way to go. Anyway, in the article below, we’ll show you how to remotely hire a cleaning company for your new home. A few tips here and there won’t bite.

Know what you want

Almost sounds like a piece of advice from your everyday, boring life coach, right? Anyway, before contacting any companies that provide cleaning services, you’ll need to know what kind of service you need. Are you on the lookout for a one-time thing, or are you planning on hiring the company’s assistance for some time? Whatever the case, it’s essential you have that set before you search for the ideal service provider. Also, do you want the house thoroughly cleaned (a so-called deep clean) or a quicker, weekly thing? Figured that one out? Good, let’s continue.

Cleaning equipment must-haves

Do you want the house to be clean upon arrival?

Now that you’ve realized what you’re after – we can talk seriously. Do you want the house clean before the moving truck arrives at the address of your new home? Let’s take a wild guess and say this is probably the main reason why you’re reading this text in the first place.

How to pack

So, there’s a couple of things you can do to make sure your new house is clean even before you arrive. One of them is concerned with packing the right way. You might say this belongs in another article, but you’ll see why we mention this here. To avoid making a mess upon arriving at your new (sparkly clean) home, you’ll need to pack like a pro. With the right tips, you can get everything ready with ease. Clean all the furniture that needs to be moved and everything else that can create a mess in your new home. Also, use quality packing material guaranteed to keep your stuff safe.

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Obtain photos and make a checklist

You’ll need some good photos of your new place and a checklist of all the things you want clean. Ask the realtor who’s taking care of the sale of the house to make some good pictures, just so the cleaning team you’ve hired knows what’s ahead. Maybe you’ve already got the photos? Either way, you know what to do.

How to find the right one?

Okay, this title also sounds a bit corny. Nevertheless, we’re keeping it. Here we’ll show you how you can find the cleaning provider that will suit your needs perfectly. A guide on how to remotely hire a cleaning company certainly won’t let you go without giving you some tips on this subject.

Search online databases

Days of printed yellow pages are long gone. As if anybody had to tell you that? Anyway, the best way to find quality cleaning services is through online databases. While on the subject, if you need reliable moving service providers, there’s a database for that too. So, just like you would scan the offer at to find suitable movers, you should go over a reliable cleaners database.

Ask friends or family for referrals

If you’re moving to a town where one of your friends or family members lives, it might be best to ask them for referrals. Why? Well, reviews at online directories can be a tricky thing. In most cases, you’re good with choosing the providers with the best rating. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Unless your friends are secretly getting paid by a cleaning company for doing their bit of advertising, which is most unlikely.

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The interview

When you’ve set your mind on a few agencies: it’s time to find out who’s getting the job. You’ll do that by setting up interviews with all your picks. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as much as you want. Of course, be reasonable and friendly. The company that proves as the most confident and reliable will undoubtedly catch your eye. Make sure the other side understands the scope of work they’re about to begin. Also, talk about payment options and everything you think is crucial.  We guarantee you’ll have some fun too. If you’re used to job interviews, you’ll finally get the chance to see what’s it like on the other side.

That’s about it

So, that was that. If you were wondering how to remotely hire a cleaning company – the article above is a quick and modest answer. If there are things we forgot to mention, it was unintentional. Anyway, we’re sure there’s a slim chance of that happening. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. How to find the best service available? Scan the online databases. Before that, get all the details ready for the presentation. The cleaning providers need to know the scope of work there’s to be done. Also, don’t ruin their good work by packing dirty furniture. You’re starting fresh in your new home, and you really don’t want that. We’re sure you won’t have trouble finding the right people for the ordeal!

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