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Places You Probably Forget to Clean in Your House

When you walk into your home, it is usually easy to see what needs cleaning. Sometimes, those are the piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, sometimes all the crumbs on the carpets, and sometimes piles of dirty laundry in your bathroom waiting for you to do them. However, once they have completed all these ‘obvious’ cleaning tasks, most people simply forget to clean the rest. That is unfortunate, as having messy and dirty places around your home may not only decrease its value and make it harder for you to sell it (if you plan on doing so) but also compromise your and your family’s health. Do not let that happen! Organize a thorough spring cleaning every once in a while! And, while doing so, pay attention to the places you probably forget to clean in your house. 

Clean Underneath and Underside Furniture 

We dare you to look under your furniture! What do you see besides all the things you thought you lost a long time ago? You see dust bunnies, right? Well, probably. Dust bunnies are piles of dust and dirt, hiding in hard-to-reach places. Luckily, they are easy to clean. You just need to move your furniture, vacuum everything underneath and wipe it with a damp cloth. 

But do not forget to clean the sides of your furniture too! Those are usually tiny surfaces under armrests, for example. Even though they are small surfaces, be sure that they can collect a lot of dust, grime, and in some cases, they can collect even bacteria and mold. Cleaning them is the same – vacuum what you can and then wipe it with some cleaning solution. 

Tops of Doors, Cabinets and Other Furniture Pieces 

When cleaning, do not forget to look up! Dust and dirt do not hide only underneath your furniture, no. They also hide on top of it. Those are usually places like tops of your doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, furniture, and sometimes even the top of picture frames and lighting fixtures. You would be surprised by the amount of dirt you can find there.

Of course, cleaning those areas is usually harder than it seems, so if you have some health problems like immobility issues or even allergies, it might be a good idea to hire a domestic cleaning expert. But, if you think you are up for it, get some ladder, put a mask on your face, and start dusting. Upon completing this project, you will see that the air you breathe will become much lighter.

Clean Walls 

Dust and dirt do not have to cling only onto horizontal places; they can also stick onto vertical ones. Yes, they can even be on your walls. They appear in the form of dust, spider web, dirt, grime, mold, etc. Living with those can be bad for your health, so be sure to clean those walls, wallpapers, blinds, and curtains at least once a month. And, when cleaning them, make sure you start from the top and work your way down. Use a duster or some other specialized cleaning solution for the thing you are cleaning. 

Cleaning your walls and everything vertical in your home should be a must when selling your home too! Trust us, if buyers walk into a room with grime and mold all over the walls, they will run away instantly. A clean home will not only attract buyers but also enable you to sell it more quickly and for a higher price too! Similarly, if you have just moved into a new house, surely you want to make everything squeaky clean! It is like starting afresh in every possible way.

Closet Floors and Drawers 

We have all been in that annoying situation when we cannot close the closet doors. So, it is not hard to see when a closet needs cleaning. That is, it is not hard to see when we need to fold our wardrobe and put it in its rightful place. However, organizing the closet is something we all do, but cleaning it – not so much. Most of us simply forget to clean its floor and the insides of the drawers. But, those places too can collect a lot of dirt. 

Thus, if your closet floor is carpeted, just vacuum it when you clean the rest of your home. If it is made out of food or tiles, use some other specialized cleaning device for damp cleaning. It would be a good idea to clean the sides of your closet too, because, as mentioned earlier, dust can appear on vertical surfaces as well. And, if you have drawers as a part of your closet, wiping them with a damp microfiber cloth will do the trick.

Indoor Plants 

Whether you have real or fake plants, you should know that they collect a lot of dust on their leaves. But not only that – if you have real plants inside your home, which you never dust nor clean, the air you breathe can become really heavy. So, protect your health and improve your home’s appearance and cleanliness by remembering to clean your indoor plants every month or so. 

You can shower real plants with warm water for the best results. But, if they are too big and heavy, you can wipe them with a damp cloth. Fake plants can also benefit from showering, just remember to air dry them before taking them inside to prevent them from developing mold. If you live in an apartment and do not have a yard or a bigger balcony where you can shower and dry your plants, you can use a bottle with a spray and an air dryer.

The benefits of a clean home are immense. It will affect your mood if you know you spend your time in a clean environment, your health will not be in jeopardy and if you decide to sell, you will succeed much faster. In order to ensure your home is immaculate, it is important to think of all the places you probably forget to clean in your house.

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