A closed gym due to the pandemic, the reason why cleaning your home gym is important.
Practical Tips for Cleaning Your Home Gym

We understand how much you love your home gym. It’s your private oasis, your own safe haven. And it’s really precious, that time of the day when you show up for your workout, an hour dedicated only to your body and mind. If there was anything that helped you stay sane during the lockdown, it was your workout and your gym.

But, now more than ever, you need to know these practical tips for cleaning your home gym. These, and other home sanitizing tips, are essential for your health, and the health of your family members.

The importance of cleaning your home gym

You might think that it’s not that important to clean your home gym that often. After all, you don’t share it with anyone, other than your family members, right? Just picture this:  you’re in the middle of an exhausting workout, your heart is racing, muscles aching and sweat is dripping down your face. And then you wipe the sweat off your brow, literally. So what’s wrong with this picture?

Maybe nothing would’ve been wrong if we hadn’t been hearing lately how we shouldn’t touch our faces with our hands. But we know how hard that is during a workout.

Unfortunately, germs can survive on some surfaces for days. So, instead of just focusing on not touching your face, you should focus on your workout. And that’s exactly why it’s so important to clean your gym, especially during these crazy times.

Why risk spreading germs back and forth, when you can prevent it? With disinfection and proper cleaning, you can be sure that your home gym is a safe place for you and your family.

Surfaces and items that require cleaning

In order to thoroughly clean your home gym, these are the surfaces you should pay attention to:

  • door handles and light switches – the first thing you do when you enter your gym is open the door and turn on the lights
  • floors 
  • exercise and yoga mats
  • mirrors and windows
  • regularly wipe down the equipment you use, not just when cleaning your home gym

Also, you need to get air circulation going, not just for the odors, but also to get some fresh, healthy air in. If your gym is in your basement, and you don’t have any windows, add fans that let old air out and fresh air in. And it these new times, this is even more important, since the WHO has more evidence that COVID-19 can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air. Even though this is your gym, and no one else other than you and your family has access to it, why risk it?

Declutter your home gym

There’s usually some equipment in home gyms that people don’t use anymore. Maybe you’ve changed your style of working out, or you might prefer some alternative exercises. These items are only collecting dust and making your gym harder to clean. So why not store items you no longer use for exercise in a storage unit? You’ll get more space that way, and it’ll be much easier to clean your gym afterward.


Dumbbells are some of the items in your home gym that you touch most regularly. And that’s exactly why you should pay extra attention to them when cleaning your home gym. Antibacterial wipes and spray should be used in this case, after every workout. Just make it your habit, and it won’t be that hard.

Don’t forget your exercise and yoga mats

You shouldn’t forget to give your mats a deep clean. Of course, depending on how often you do yoga or work out on your mat, you should clean it every once in a while; for example, once a week. Remember, you touch the mat with your hands and feet, and it gets full of sweat after your exhausting session. You can either buy a chemical cleaning solution or even better, consider a healthier alternative. Mix water with white vinegar and add a couple of drops of tea tree oil and there you have an antifungal and antibacterial yoga mat spray. 

It all begins with floors

The floors are of crucial importance when cleaning your home gym. However, keep in mind that different types of flooring require different kinds of maintenance. Hardwood floors are particularly sensitive, so you might want to get a special disinfectant that’s made for hardwood, rather than improvising.

Clean the mirrors

If you know how to clean your windows like a professional, cleaning your mirrors will be a piece of cake. And you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to clean the mirrors when cleaning their home gym. However, when watching your own reflection, you can often notice all the smudges and specs that make your gym look messier than it is.

Choose a solution, and clean the mirrors with a soft cloth. You can mix water and white vinegar, or use an alternative method. Once you’re done, you might find that this was the only thing your gym needed to look impeccably clean.

Wash your hands

You won’t need to worry too much about cleaning your gym if you do your best to prevent it from getting dirty. Before every workout, make sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm running water and soap. Can you make this process fun somehow? Actually you can, by humming the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end, twice. That’s just the amount of time needed.

Also, make sure that you scrub between your fingers and under the fingernails. Nonetheless, it’s useful to have a hand sanitizer bottle by your side during your workout.

Show appreciation by cleaning your home gym

As you can see, almost all surfaces in your gym are high-touch surfaces. That’s why you should pretend that you’re cleaning your new house and try to disinfect as many surfaces as you can.

After all, given the current situation with coronavirus, having a home gym is something to be grateful for. So, show the appreciation by regularly cleaning your home gym and keeping it well-maintained.

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