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Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Cleaning Service When You Move Out

Moving to a new place can be exciting – you are starting a new chapter of your life after all. But, if we are being sincere, no matter what the reason for moving may be, the moving process itself is rarely enjoyable. You have to find a new home, sell the current one, deal with all those moving-related tasks like packing and heavy lifting, etc. However, the thing most people forget is that they also have to clean their homes thoroughly.

Moving is messy, and if you want to sell your home properly or get your deposit back, you must make sure everything is sparkling clean. Luckily, there is a way to take the stress off. How? With the help of a professional cleaning company! If we haven’t persuaded you yet, well, keep on reading for some more reasons why you need to hire a cleaning service when you move out.

You Will Get Your Deposit Back  

If you have been living in a rented home until now, your landlord has probably informed you about the cleanliness levels he/she expects. But, no matter how clean and neat person you are, the process of moving will mess up your entire home. Everything from floors to ceilings will be dirty and filthy. When your landlord enters a house looking like that, he/she will not be happy. But, not only that, if the home is looking like a complete mess, you certainly will not get your deposit back.

So, make sure you clean your home thoroughly before you call your landlord and ask for your deposit back. If you are in a hurry, or do not have the energy to deep clean your home before moving, hire somebody to do it for you! Professional cleaning services are easy to find in almost every city, and all of them specialize in the so-called ‘end of lease cleaning,’ so do some research and find one that suits your needs and budget.

You Potential Buyers Will Be Happy 

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned what you must do when moving out of a rented home – clean. Now, let us talk about what you must do when moving out of your own home – again, clean.

In case you are selling your home, you cannot adequately stage it nor prepare it for an open-house event if every corner of your home is cluttered and filthy. Well, you can, but you will neither impress your buyers, nor will you be able to sell your home for the highest possible price. Yes, believe it or not, but the cleanliness of your home can make or break your sale. These additional tips are something your real estate agent will tell you as well. 

After all, ask yourself whether you would want to move into a home that is contaminated with dirt – probably not.

A Cleaning Service Will Save You A Lot of Time and Energy

If you ever moved before, you probably know how time and energy-consuming that process can be. You will spend weeks or even months preparing to move, handling paperwork, gathering packing materials, etc. Moreover, when those two or three days prior to the moving day come, you will not know where your head is. Even if you do manage to clean on the way, everything will get messed up again during the moving day chaos.

We are not saying that cleaning while moving is impossible, no. We are saying that since we live in the modern age, there are many ways you can save yourself time and energy while moving and thus make your life easier. If you hire a professional cleaning service to handle all the cleaning-related tasks in your home, then you will have plenty of time to deal with more important things, like your family, work, or the relocation itself. Moreover, professional cleaners will be able to organize spring cleaning and crush it in one weekend if necessary and speed up your moving out process. 

You Will Cut Down Your Stress Levels 

A recent study showed that people believe that planning a relocation is a lot more stressful than planning a wedding. It makes sense – you are not only packing your boxes, but you are also preparing for a significant change in life. And, while doing that, who has the time to clean?

Moreover, moving is also stressful because people are worried and afraid of not having enough time to clean everything before they leave, which can cause the loss of deposit or lowering the price of the home they are trying to sell. If you, too, are in the same situation, at least now you know there is a quick and easy way out. Do not let stress overwhelm you, especially about something as ‘random’ as cleaning.

You Will Not Lose Your Money With a Cleaning service 

Many people hesitate even to call a cleaning company and ask for the price of their services. Since they are not used to having somebody clean their homes, they think that a service like that costs a fortune. However, they are wrong! Cleaning services are cheaper than you think! For example, if you own a one-bedroom apartment, it will cost you between $150-$200 for a professional cleaning service to come and deep clean it. Or, if you have an entire house (with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an attic, a basement, etc. for example) that needs cleaning, you will need to spare somewhere around $500.

Of course, these are just rough predictions. The precise and exact cost of cleaning your home depends on many factors such as the size of your home, the number of rooms it has, the condition it is in, etc. Moreover, many cleaning companies offer additional services like disinfecting the bathroom, cleaning the roof, oven&barbecue cleaning, etc. which can add to your price. Nevertheless, reasons to hire a cleaning service when you move out are manifold, and you can only benefit from that decision.

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