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Seasonal deep cleaning checklist

Every season carries some challenges and unique quirks. The weather, temperature, and lifestyle all change. So, it can be hard to keep in mind everything that needs to be cleaned and done every season. Not to mention the need to prioritize certain things at specific points in the year! If you neglect what you need to clean at that time, you could find yourself in trouble. To help you overcome this, we have put together a seasonal deep cleaning checklist!


The mellow weather and the rejuvenation of spring make it possible to tackle the cleaning and handle it very quickly. During spring, you are mostly just dealing with the effects of winter and preparing for the freedom of summer. So here is what to do!

Clean up the fireplace or furnace

If you rely on a fireplace or furnace to keep you warm during winter, then you must now scrub it clean of ash and soot! Do not skip this since it can layer and catch on fire if not cleaned.

Clean tools and appliances

In preparation for summer grilling, grass moving, garden tending, and similar, you need to pull your things out of storage and give them a vigorous cleaning!

Dust everything

After the long winter months when you could not keep your windows open, it is finally time to cleanse your home of accumulated dust and refresh it! It is also an excellent way to start teaching your kids how to clean since it is not dangerous or difficult. Take the chance to clean your windows too!

Air out your house

As mentioned, you can finally release the stuffy stale air that has been plaguing you for months. Let your house breathe; it needs to! It might not seem like much, but it will be a blessing after winter stuffiness and is an essential part of the seasonal deep cleaning checklist.

Vacuum your couches, sofas, and similar

The mild weather allows you to vacuum your furniture and maybe even put it outside to breathe a little. Otherwise, you risk letting it get filthy and moldy.

Clean your mattress

This is also the perfect time to air out your mattress and beat the dust out of it (literally!). It is imperative not to skip this, or you risk the appearance of bedbugs.

Wash your pillows

Since it would have been difficult for them to dry during fall and winter, this is the time to wash not just your pillowcases but your pillows as well.


You will likely spend summer having fun and going on vacations. However, you must not forget that you need to clean as preparation for the fall season!


You are likely to get tons of memorabilia and knickknacks during your summer adventures. Unfortunately, once the summer vacationing and fun is over, you really need to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items! Otherwise, you run the risk of letting your beautiful home get bogged down with too many belongings and running out of storage space.

Check your drains and gutters

As preparation for rainfall and bad weather, you must make sure your gutters and drains are not clogged and can work smoothly to keep water flowing where it should. It might be challenging to do this without the proper tools, so consider hiring professional cleaners.

Clean your medicine cabinet

Fall often means a jump in various ailments, so you need to be ready. Properly clean your medicine cabinet to keep it sterile. You should also throw away any expired medicine and restock.
Thoroughly clean your bathroom, basement, and attic
You will soon be suffering from a lot of humidity and water leaks in the worst-case scenario. This means that you should keep the areas in your home likely to develop mold in spotless condition to prepare to battle these issues, making this a critical point of the seasonal deep cleaning checklist.

Change air conditioning filters

You will probably not be using your air conditioning as much in the fall, so take the chance to clean it from its vigorous use and change the filters.

Wash your curtains

Since good weather will be in short supply during fall, this is the perfect opportunity to wash all of your curtains to keep them crisp and clean during the harsher seasons.


Fall, despite its challenges, is still not that bad to go out in. So, in preparation for winter, when storms and snow might dissuade you from going outside, you need to stock up well, and that takes some preparation.

Clear out your fridge and freezer

Take everything out of your fridge and freezer, dispose of expired articles, and give them a good scrub. Take extra care with the shelves and the rubber gasket that seals your fridge and freezer since they quickly accumulate dirt, dust, and such.

Clean cabinets and drawers

Cabinets, in expectation of stocking up, also need to be adequately cleaned and sanitized.

Take care of your stove

You will probably be using it a lot, so use the last opportunity before it’s too cold to air out your kitchen and properly give your stove a thorough cleaning.

Dust your shelves and other hard to reach places

Similarly, it would be best to air out your rooms when it is not raining and deal with the accumulated dust.


Winter is the coldest time of year when we are the least physically active. It is difficult to air out your home properly, and we spend much of our time inside. This is why there is typically less deep cleaning to do. You need to mostly do the regular clean-up after yourself. So winter has fewer entries on the seasonal deep cleaning checklist.

Put away tools

As winter draws to an end, you will want to properly clean up and put away the tools such as shovels and ice scrapers.
Deal with mold or humidity
Due to the high humidity and lack of chance to let your home breathe, you need to be extra careful with mold prevention. Keep an eye on your attic, basement, and bathroom in particular and scrub away any mold that appears before it can spread.
Clean your ventilation system
Since you will likely be counting on it due to not being able to air out your house, keep your ventilation system in good condition and clean it often throughout winter.

Final Word

It is difficult to remember everything you need to do to keep your home in tip-top shape, but we hope our seasonal deep cleaning checklist helps! Good luck, and remember not to slack on your cleaning since doing so can put your health at risk.

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