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Office & Commercial

Commercial And Office Cleaning Services

Employees working in a pristine office environment will be happier, healthier and undoubtedly more organised and productive. And clients who enter an immaculate office will definitely walk away with an excellent first impression of your business. So, it’s fair to say that a clean and tidy workspace has many benefits for both your employees and customers.

No matter how big or small your workplace is, the professional cleaners from Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services can help you with all aspects of office cleanliness and maintenance. From simple dusting and rubbish removal, to deeper bathroom or commercial carpet cleaning, we want to help you ensure your workplace is the brightest and best environment possible.

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Impress clients and customers

To ensure clients and customers have the best first impression of your business, it’s important it looks (and smells!) as good as the product and services you offer. Clean floors, bathrooms and tearooms are all signs to a customer that you take pride in your work environment and care about your staff. This shows you are a trustworthy and ethical business and no doubt the type of people they will want to work with for years to come.

Keep your staff healthy and happy

It’s common knowledge that a clean and pleasant working environment makes for happier, healthier and more productive staff. Removal of dirt and grime greatly decreases the risk of health and safety hazards in the workplace, meaning your staff will be able to come to work and be as productive as possible. The professionals at Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services can help you take the best possible care of your office, and by extension, your employees too.

Constant care

When you have many employees and clients coming and going every day, it’s easy for dust and grime to accumulate in your office space from large amounts of foot traffic and use. While you may not notice the gradual build-up of dirt, it’s important that you regularly go beyond a simple weekly vacuum and wipe-down and do a deeper clean of your office. The experts from Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services can take care of this for you, and help ensure you don’t get yourself into a mess.

Reduce workload and stress

At the end of a long work day (or week!), the last thing you want to have to deal with is doing a thorough clean of your office. That’s where the experts at Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services come in. For a reasonable price, you can rest assured your workplace will be kept in pristine condition, which is one less thing for you to worry about when running a successful business.

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A dust-free working environment is not only important for the aesthetics of your office, but also the health of your employees. We can dust desks, window-frames, office furniture and any common spaces.


We can mop your office floors, halls and restrooms to ensure the large amount of foot traffic doesn’t impact the cleanliness of your floors.


We are happy to clean and polish any fixtures in the office including glass balustrades, computers, keyboards and lights.

Carpet cleaning

We can not only vacuum carpets, rugs or upholstery, but also undertake commercial grade carpet cleaning.

Spot cleaning

Mark-free walls and grime-free skirting boards are a big part of keeping an office space looking fresh. We can undertake spot cleaning and ongoing maintenance of these areas.


We can ensure your bathroom basins, benches and toilet areas are all sparkling clean and germ-free.


Thorough cleaning of benchtops, cupboards, fridges and sinks are all part of keeping an office kitchen tidy and hygienic. We can assist with daily cleaning; weekly or one-off kitchen cleans.

Window cleaning

In addition to regular dusting, we offer a commercial grade window cleaning service for the inside and outside of office buildings.

Waste removal

We can empty and clean rubbish bins, while replacing the bags to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Mould removal

Mould is not only very unappealing to look at, it’s also a safety hazard. Speak to us about our mould and damp removal services.

Pest control

No one wants to work in an environment infested by creepy-crawlies or worse… Our pest removal services can be arranged same-day to attend to urgent needs.


Honesty and transparency

We believe in building relationships and serving the local community around Hervey Bay & Maryborough, which is why honesty and transparency is at the forefront of everything we do. We communicate with you clearly regarding what cleaning services we truly believe will benefit your business most and avoid upselling unnecessary or costly products or services.


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to keep your office space looking clean and presentable. Our standard two-hour weekly clean only costs $80, and we are more than happy to discuss different options with you to find the most affordable and suitable cleaning package for your business’ needs.


Above all, we are dedicated to our work, which is what makes us different to other cleaners in the area. We care deeply about your business’ needs and want to help you maintain the cleanest, safest and most hygienic working environment possible.


We are committed to providing your business with the right services to suit your needs, which is why we prefer to discuss your situation with you and provide you with a free, customised quote. To recommend a package for you, we will need the following information:

  1. How frequently you would like your office cleaned eg; a one-off clean, daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  2. What areas of the office you want cleaned, eg; kitchen, carpets, desks and what services you would ideally like us to perform, such as a fridge clean-out or dusting.
  3. The size of your office so we can recommend how many cleaners will be required to undertake the work.
  4. When you would like us to clean to avoid disrupting your staff and business.

Once we have received all the relevant information from you, we can put together the best package and pricing to suit your needs. We are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Simply get in touch with us via email or over the phone on 0412 216 587 and we can get you on your way to having an enviably clean and tidy office space.

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How much does commercial or office cleaning cost ?

Commercial and office cleaning prices vary , this is all dependent on your requirements and the size of your establishment.
On average most customers are happy with our 2hr per week clean , this is only $80! The best thing to do is give us a call on 0412 216 587 to discuss your requirements.

What type of commercial or office buildings do you clean ?

Just to name a few , we clean banks , government buildings , churches , car dealerships , medical centres & retail shops. Give us a call on 0412 216 587 to discussyour requirements.

Do you do "one off" cleans for commercial & office building ?

Of course we do! You do not need to use us on a regular basis , we can do a one off spring clean on your office or commercial building , we can even do small jobs like window cleaning or mould removal !

What type of services do you offer to commercial & office establishments ?

Just to name a few:
Regular cleaning
Spring Cleans
Carpet Cleaning
Pest Control
Mould removal
Exterior washing
Window Cleaning

What payment methods do you accept from business customers ?

Credit / debit card , cheque , bank deposit & cash

Are all your staff police checked ?

Yes! All our staff at Hervey Bay & Maryborough Cleaning Services have a current police clearance.

Is your business fully insured?

Yes ! We have full public liability insurance of up to $10,000,000!

Can you use eco-friendly products for our business?

Yes! We have a full range of eco-friendly products that we can use for your business.

Do you clean on weekends & outside business hours?

Yes! We are flexible to your establishments needs !

How do I book?

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