9 tips to maintain your professionally cleaned carpets in Hervey Bay
These 9 Tips Will Help You Maintain That Professionally Cleaned Carpet in Hervey Bay

Debris that often accumulates in carpets can be hard to remove without professional help. If your carpet is professionally cleaned, you can be sure to enjoy that brand new look once again. Keeping it that way requires some efforts though.

These are a few tips on how you can maintain your professionally cleaned carpet in Hervey Bay.

Tread on it carefully

Freshly cleaned carpet would be damp and consequentially slippery. You could slip and sustain serious injuries. Besides, a freshly cleaned carpet wouldn’t be spec clean. Some traces of dirt might just lie on the surface and re-soil the carpet if tread it too soon.

Plus, freshly cleaned carpets need air to dry out – whereas walking on them would flatten them and elongate drying time.

It is advisable to allow your carpet at least 4 hours to dry out before stepping on it.

Improve the aeration and heat levels to shorten drying time

Your carpet would get dried quicker with the heat levels and aeration on the high. Push open windows; turn up the heat to a prescribed 75˚F. While the heat helps absorb the damp on the carpet, the opened windows will help reduce humidity build-up.

Fans! Fans!

Ceiling fans, floor fans, wall fans, table fans, all should come to use in this situation – if you have them. The swift air from these fans can help reduce the freshly cleaned carpet’s drying time.

Let the furniture stay out a little longer

While freshly cleaned carpet can be walked on after about 4 hours of intense drying, moving your furniture in immediately is not advisable. Your carpet has to be completely dry before you can start arranging the furniture and this would take 24 hours (at least).

To be doubly sure about the dryness, use a vacuum on the carpet once more before finally moving the furniture in.

Use carpet protectors

Carpet protectors prevent freshly cleaned carpets from getting re-soiled. That means dirt can’t penetrate and you can go a long time without cleaning.

Dab off stains immediately

Stains become hardened dirt and mess up your carpet because you do not wipe them off immediately. When you clean them immediately, it would be easier than when allowed to stay longer.

You need to be careful so you don’t over-scrub and ruin your carpet. Make use of a paper towel and carpet spotter.

Vacuum cleaners come in handy

If you vacuum clean your carpet once a week, you’d surely be removing more than 70% of the accumulated dirt. If you want to clean your carpet, using a vacuum cleaner 24 hours before and after the process is advisable to elongate your carpet’s lifespan.

Use doormats

If you have visitors often, using a doormat would help reduce the amount of dirt your guests leave on your carpet. Also, you may need a guest to take off their shoes before stepping onto your carpeted floor.

Protect your carpet from sun rays

Especially if it has dark colors. The sunlight (ultraviolet rays) would harm the carpet’s color and reduce its beauty, which may affect the overall look of your home.

Furniture rotation

It goes without saying that rotating of home furniture helps reduce damage to carpets.

Now that you’ve picked up a few tips, if you need a thorough carpet cleaning service in Hervey Bay, be sure to give us a call on 0412 216 587 today!

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