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What to Expect When You Hire a Roof Cleaner

A man’s home is his castle. It is also a huge investment, so it’s important to keep a high level of maintenance. Regular maintenance helps with durability and the general sustainability of your house. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that if you built your house out of quality materials, you can go through long stretches without maintaining it. Even the highest quality materials could be rendered void and untenable as quickly as the cheap ones if you don’t do everything properly.

One of the crucial categories of home maintenance is roof cleaning. It’s important if you want to keep using your home without any additional expenses and embarrassments. But, what to expect when you hire a roof cleaner? 

Even though roof cleaning sounds fairly straightforward, this is not a task that you can undertake on your own. It is a delicate process that requires knowledge, experience, and the use of special materials and equipment. Therefore, it’s a far better idea to learn how to clean your windows like a professional and hire actual professionals for the roof cleaning job.

What exactly do you get when hiring a roof cleaner?

Now, it’s important to understand that roof cleaning is important for much more than aesthetics and curb appeal. Yes, people visiting your home and seeing your roof in bad condition may assume lots of things, but that should be the least of your worries. Many kinds of damages can occur if you never clean your roof. Here are some of them:

  • Damaging the shingles
  • Damaging the wood 
  • Mold damage
  • Poor ventilation
  • Animals nesting inside your attic

Pretty much all of these can cause some serious damage and problems if not tackled on time. For instance, if your shingles get too damaged, you’ll have to replace them all. A shingles replacement is neither easy nor cheap. Damaged wood is a perfect place for mold to develop. We all know how troublesome that can be. Additionally, squirrels or bats in the attic are never fun things to deal with. 

What all of this means for you is that you should definitely consider hiring a professional for the job if you want to take care of your new home in the right manner. Here’s what to expect when you hire a roof cleaner in your area.

The use of right cleaning materials

The use of right cleaning materials

When talking to the professionals you’re thinking of hiring, ask them about the materials and methods they will use to properly clean your roof. Know from the start that there are a few different methods and solutions that can be used. However, not all of them are safe for your roof.

Based on our experience, pressure washing and abrasive detergents are two cleaning methods that can be harmful to your roof. Of course, this is only if your roof tiles are made out of certain materials. Your contractor should check this before they give you an answer. 

Insist on honesty and ask if the cleaning solutions that they propose will damage the rest of your home, appliances, or landscaping. If you already have problems with mold or algae, inquire about assurances that they won’t come back as soon as the professionals are gone. This brings us to our next topic.

Removal of dangerous mold and algae growth

The main reason for regular cleaning of your roof is the removal of algae, mold, or lichen and stopping them from invading your house. These are living organisms that can be very dangerous for the health of your family if you let them thrive. Mold is particularly dangerous as it spreads at incredible speed. If you already have it, it’s just a matter of time when it will enter your attic or house.

In the event of mold spreading into your home, you’re looking at much higher bills and a much more complicated process to get rid of it. No tips for deep cleaning your new house before moving in would be of much help to you in this instance.

The reasons are many. You see, mold needs two things to grow: spores present and a humid environment. If it appears on your roof, it can travel through the attic vents, or even your cooling and heating systems right to the respiratory systems of your children. The removal of these harmful growths is what to expect when you hire a roof cleaner. 

Improved curb appeal

To many of us, looks are a very important thing in life. It doesn’t matter if your roof is hip, flat, or gable. You and your neighbors can see the condition that it’s in every day. If you don’t care about it enough, it can easily fall in the hands of the harmful growths that we were talking about. Besides being dangerous, it also won’t look nice. 

With proper and regular cleaning, everyone will be able to enjoy and appreciate the added curb appeal of your home. Additionally, it will be much easier to sell if you decide to do so. Homebuyers value proper home maintenance more than anything else. 

Knowledge, experience, and safety

Knowledge, experience, and safety

As it usually goes, people who do roof cleaning professionally are trained and skilled to offer you long-term solutions for your problems. However, as we mentioned in our guide to cleaning and maintaining your storage unit, it’s not just about solving the problems but preventing them from happening again. With the knowledge they have, they’ll be able to foresee a problem and fix it before it even happens.

Safety is another important aspect that we mustn’t forget. Professionals are equipped and trained to look after themselves while working in such conditions. Additionally, hiring professionals can be cheaper than doing it yourself as the fees are standardized regardless of the equipment and appliances used.

And that’s pretty much everything there is to know about what to expect when you hire a roof cleaner. Think smart, and think about your safety and the safety of your family. We don’t suspect a bit that you’ll make the right decision.

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